Journal Papers and Book Chapters

  1. P. Hurtig, K.J. Grinnemo, A. Brunstrom, S. Ferlin, O. Alay and N. Kuhn, “Low-Latency Scheduling in MPTCP”, to appear, in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2018.
  2. A. Schwind, C. Midoglu, O. Alay, C. Griwodz, and F. Wamser, “Dissecting the Performance of YouTube Video Streaming in Mobile Networks”, to appear, International Journal on Network Management, 2018.
  3. V. Mancuso, M. Peon-Quiros, C. Midoglu, M. Moulay, V. Comite, A. Lutu, O. Alay, S. Alfredsson, M. Rajiullah, A. Brunstrom, M. Mellia, A. S. Khatouni and T. Hirsch, “Results from Running an Experiment as a Service Platform for Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe”, in Elsevier Computer Communications, 2018.
  4. A. Mandalari, A. Lutu, M. Bagnulo, B. Briscoe and O. Alay, “Measuring ECN++: Good News for ++, Bad News for ECN over Mobile“, in IEEE Communications Magazine, 2018.
  5. S. Ferlin, S. Kucera, H. Claussen and O. Alay, “MPTCP meets FEC: Supporting Latency-Sensitive Applications over Heterogeneous Networks“, in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2018.
  6. O. Alay, A. Lutu, R. García, M. Peón-Quirós, V. Mancuso, T. Hirsch, T. Dely, J. Werme, K. Evensen, A. Hansen, S. Alfredsson, J. Karlsson, A. Brunstrom, A. S. Khatouni, M. Mellia, M. A. Marsan, R. Monno and H. Lonsethagen, “MONROE: Measuring Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe“, book chapter (Ch5) in “Building the Future Internet through FIRE” by River Publishers.
  7. A. Argyriou, P. Palantas and O. Alay, “Modeling the Lossy Transmission of CorrelatedSources in Multiple Access Fading Channels“, Elsevier Physical Communication, Volume 24, Pages 34-45, September 2017.
  8. A. Lutu, Y. R. Siwakoti, O. Alay, D. Baltrunas and A. Elmokashfi, “The Good, the Bad and the Implications of Profiling Mobile Broadband Coverage “, Elsevier Computer Networks, Vol. 107, pp. 76–93, October 2016.
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Long Conference Papers

  1. M. Rajiullah, A. Lutu, A. S. Khatouni, M. Fida, M. Mellia, A. Brunstrom, O. Alay, S. Alfredsson and V. Mancuso, “Web Experience in Operational Mobile Networks: Lessons from Two Million Page Visits”, in Proceedings of The Web Conference (www), 2019.
  2. A. S. Asrese, E. A. Walelgne, V. Bajpai, A. Lutu, O. Alay, J. Ott, “Measuring Web Quality of Experience in Cellular Networks”, in Proceedings of Passive and Active Measurements Conference (PAM), 2019.
  3. A. Mandalari, A. Lutu, A. Custura, A. Safari, O. Alay, M. Bagnulo, V. Bajpai, A. Brunstrom, J. Ott, M. Mellia, G. Fairhurst, ” Experience: Implications of Roaming in Europe“, in Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MOBICOM), 2018.
  4. F. Michelinakis, H. Doroud, A. Razaghpanah, A. Lutu, N. Vallina-Rodriguez, P. Gill, J. Widmer, “The Cloud that Runs the Mobile Internet”, in IEEE INFOCOM 2018.
  5. A. S. Khatouni , M. Mellia, M. A. Marsan, S. Alfredsson , J. Karlsson , A. Brunstrom, Ö. Alay, A. Lutu , C. Midoglu and V. Mancuso,”Speedtest-like Measurements in 3G/4G Networks: the MONROE Experience“, IEEE ITC, 2017.
  6. O. Alay, A. Lutu, M. Peon-Quiros, V. Mancuso, T. Hirsch, K. Evensen, A. F. Hansen, S. Alfredsson, J. Karlsson, A. Brunstrom, A. S. Khatouni, M. Mellia and M. A. Marsan, “Experience: An Open Platform for Experimentation with Commercial Mobile Broadband Networks”, ACM MOBICOM, 2017.
  7. M. Fida, A. Lutu, M. Marina, O. Alay, “ZipWeave: Towards Efficient and Reliable Measurement based Mobile Coverage Maps“, IEEE INFOCOM, 2017.
  8. S, Ferlin, O. Alay, O. Mehani and R. Boreli, “BLEST: Blocking Estimation-based MPTCP Scheduler for Heterogeneous Networks“, in Proceedings of IFIP Networking, 2016.
  9. D. Baltrunas, A. Elmokashfi, A. Kvalbein and O. Alay, “Investigating Packet Loss in Mobile Broadband Networks under Mobility“, in Proceedings of IFIP Networking, 2016.
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  11. A. Lutu, Y. R. Siwakoti, O. Alay, D. Baltrunas and A. Elmokashfi, “Profiling Mobile Broadband Coverage“, in Proceedings of IFIP TMA, 2016. Best Paper Award

Short Conference and Workshop Papers

  1. C. Jarvis, C. Midoglu, A. Lutu and O. Alay, “Visualizing Mobile Coverage from Repetitive Measurements on Defined Trajectories”, IEEE/IFIP TMA Workshop on Mobile Network Measurements, 2018.
  2. K. Kousias, M. Riegler, O. Alay and A. Argyriou,”HINDSIGHT: An R-Based Framework Towards Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) Optimization”, ACM MMSys, 2018.
  3. C. Midoglu, M.Moulay, V. Mancuso, O. Alay, A. Lutu and C. Griwodz, “Open Video Datasets over Operational Mobile Networks with MONROE”, ACM MMSys, 2018.
  4. C. Midoglu, L. Wimmer, A. Lutu, O. Alay and C. Griwodz, “MONROE-Nettest: A Configurable Tool for Dissecting Speed Measurements in Mobile Broadband”, IEEE INFOCOM CNERT Workshop, 2018. Best Paper Award
  5. M. Peon-Quiros, V. Mancuso, V. Comite, A. Lutu, O. Alay, S. Alfredsson, J. Karlsson, A. Brunstrom,  M. Mellia, A. S. Khatouni, and T. Hirsch, “Results from running an experiment as a service platform for mobile networks“, ACM MOBICOM WiNTECH Workshop, 2017.
  6. M. Fida, K. Kousias, A. Lutu, O. Alay, M. Rajiullah, A. Brunstrom, and A. Argyriou, “FLEX-MONROE: A Unified Platform for Experiments under Controlled and Operational LTE Settings“, ACM MOBICOM WiNTECH Workshop, 2017.
  7. M. Fida, K. Kousias, A. Lutu, O. Alay, M. Rajiullah, A. Brunstrom, and A. Argyriou, “Experimentation in Controlled and Operational LTE Settings with FLEX-MONROE”, ACM MOBICOM WiNTECH Workshop, demo paper, 2017. Best Demo Award
  8. K. Kousias, C. Midoglu, A. Lutu, O. Alay, A. Argyriou and M. Riegler, “The Same, Only Different: Contrasting Mobile Operator Behaviour from CrowdSourced Dataset”, IEEE PIMRC, 2017.
  9. I. Learmonth, A. Lutu, G. Fairhurst, D. Ros and O.Alay, “Path Transparency Measurements from the Mobile Edge with PATHspider“, IEEE/IFIP TMA Workshop on Mobile Network Measurement, 2017.
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  12. O. Alay et al, “Measuring and Assessing Mobile Broadband Networks with MONROE“, in Proceedings of IEEE WoWMoM, demo paper, 2016. Best Demo Award
  13. R. Barik, M. Welzl, S, Ferlin and O. Alay, “LISA: A Linked Slow Start Algorithm for MPTCP“, in Proceedings of IEEE ICC, 2016.
  14. O. Alay and A. Argyriou, “Cooperative Live Video Multicast for Small Cell Base Stations with Overlapping Coverage“, in Proceedings of IEEE WCNC 2016.
  15. A. Argyriou and O. Alay, “Lossy Transmission of Correlated Sources in a Multiple Access Quasi-Static Fading Channel“, in Proceedings of IEEE WCNC 2016.
  16. O. Alay, A. Lutu, D. Ros, R. Garcia, V. Mancuso A. F. Hansen, A. Brunstrom, M. A. Marsan and H. Lonsethagen, “MONROE: Measuring Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe“, in IRTF & ISOC Workshop on Research and Applications of Internet Measurements (RAIM), 2015.
  17. P. Hurtig, O. Alay, S. Ferlin and K. Yedugundla, “Reducing Transport Latency using Multipath Protocols“, in Proceedings of EUCNC, special session on Reducing Transport Latency, 2015.
  18. I. Livadariu, S. Ferlin, O. Alay, T. Dreibholz, A. Dhamdhere and A. Elmokashfi, “Leveraging the IPv4/IPv6 Identity Duality by using Multi-Path Transport“, in Proceedings of 18th IEEE INFOCOM Global Internet Symposium, 2015.
  19. S. F. Oliveira, T. Dreibholz, O. Alay, “Multi-Path Transport over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks: Does it really pay off?“, in Proceedings of IEEE GLOBECOM, 2014.
  20. C. Paasch, S. F. Oliveira, O. Alay and O. Bonaventure, “Experimental Evaluation of Multi-path TCP Schedulers“, in Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM CSWS, 2014.
  21. S. F. Oliveira, T. Dreibholz, O. Alay, “Tackling the Challenge of Bufferbloat in Multi-Path Transport over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks“, in Proceedings of IEEE/ACM IWQoS, 2014.
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