Coverage and Deployment Analysis of Narrowband Internet of Things in the Wild

Dataset Description

A description of the dataset attributes is available below:


Available for LTE and NB-IoT:

  • Date, Time, UTC: Timestamp
  • Latitude, Longitude, Altitude: GPS coordinates
  • Speed: Moving speed
  • Heading: Movement direction (if available)
  • X.Sat: Number of available GPS satellites
  • TAC: Tracking Area Code
  • EARFCN, Frequency: Carrier frequency identifiers (anonymized)
  • MCC, MNC: Operators identifiers at country level (anonymized)
  • eNodeB.ID, (N)PCI, CI, cellID: Numerical identifiers for E-UTRAN Node Bs (eNBs) and cells (anonymized if unique)

Available for LTE:

  • BW: Bandwidth [MHz]
  • SymPerSlot: Number of symbols per slot (depends on the use of normal vs. extended OFDM cyclic prefix)
  • Power: Power received on the entire BW [dBm]
  • SINR: Signal-to-Interference-plus-Noise Ratio [dB]
  • RSRP: Reference Signal Received Power [dBm]
  • RSRQ: Reference Signal Received Quality [dB]
  • X4G.Drift: Time offset between cell and scanner [ns]
  • Sigma.4G.Drift: Standard Deviation on X4G.Drift
  • TimeOfArrival: Time of Arrival (ToA) from cell to scanner [s]
  • TimeOfArrivalFN: ToA Frame Number (FN). It allows to report TimeOfArrival on an absolute time scale, ToA_abs = TimeOfArrival + TimeOfArrivalFN * 10 [ms]

Available for NB-IoT:

  • NSINR.Tx0, NSINR.Tx1: Narrowband SINR for antenna ports Tx0 and Tx1 [dB]
  • NRSRP.Tx0, NRSRP.Tx1: Narrowband RSRP for antenna ports Tx0 and Tx1 [dBm]
  • NRSRQ.Tx0, NRSRQ.Tx1: Narrowband RSRQ for antenna ports Tx0 and Tx1 [dB]
  • RSSI.Tx0, RSSI.Tx1: Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) for antenna ports Tx0 and Tx1 [dBm]
  • NSSS.Power: Narrowband Secondary Synchronization Signal (NSSS) Power [dBm]
  • NSSS.CINR: NSSS Carrier-to-Interference-plus-Noise Ratio [dB]

eNBs and cells

  • Name: eNB name (combines eNodeB.ID and PhyCellID)
  • Latitude, Longitude: Cell GPS coordinates 
  • PosErrorDirection: Cell directional error
  • PosErrorLambda1, PosErrorLambda2: Cell longitudinal and latitudinal positioning errors 
  • IsDirected: Binary indication, omnidirectional (0) vs. directional (1) cell
  • Direction: Direction identifier
  • Power: Cell Power read by the scanner when the cell position estimation is finalised [dBm]
  • MaxPowerUsedForTowerEstimationbyPE: maximum value of the cell received power used to estimate the cell location [dBm] 
  • TowerID: Tower identifier
  • MCC, MNC: Operators identifiers at country level (anonymized)
  • TAC: Tracking Area Code
  • PhyCellID, CellIdentity: Numerical identifiers for cells (anonymized if unique)
  • EARFCN: Carrier frequency (anonymized)


A sample of the dataset consisting of one complete sub-campaign collected in Outdoor Driving (OD) scenario is available below:

sample data


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