Mobile Performance during Covid-19

Mobile Network Performance during the COVID-19 Outbreak from a Testbed Perspective

Abstract: COVID-19 has changed our lives and continues to have a drastic impact. It forces us to impose restrictive social distancing measures and leads us to rely more on the Internet. Mobile networks become one of the major means to access the Internet for most of us. We investigate the performance of 9 mobile networks in Europe around the time of restrictions imposed, considering web QoE, throughput, RTT, and signal coverage. Our results show countries’ mobile networks are impacted by COVID-19 (as high as 46 % increase in page load time) at different times based on the outbreak timelines in these countries. Moreover, we find that operators responded properly and the network performance is back to the pre-COVID-19 times.



How to extract Tstat dataset:

Merge files: cat Tstat-COVIDa* >

Extract: unzip

All the scripts to produce the figures in the paper are available here

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