Mobile Systems and Analytics (MOSAIC) Department at Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering is a new research unit that is jointly owned by Simula Research Laboratory and Oslo Metropolitan University.

MOSAIC focuses on empirical characterization of mobile networks and, the design of novel protocols and applications for future mobile networks. More specifically, our research interests lie in the areas of experimental evaluation and characterization of mobile networks (e.g. 3G/4G/5G, Wifi and satellite), the design of novel multipath protocol extensions (e.g. MPTCP, MPQUIC) over heterogeneous mobile networks and design of robust multimedia (e.g. DASH and HEVC) transmission algorithms over mobile networks especially under challenging mobility scenarios.

To learn more about the projects we are involved and the research we are doing, see the Projects and Publications pages.

We often have postdoctoral, Ph.D. and internship positions that are announced on the Team and Openings page.